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Unit Coolers

Cancoil Unit Coolers are designed for use in refrigerated spaces with temperatures of -20 to 34 Degrees F and higher. They feature generous amounts of coil surface and airflow to assure that air is properly distributed throughout the space.

Reach-In models are designed specifically to maximize the storage available in commercial refrigerators.

  • Specify Model ATR for top mount rear air discharge

  • Specify Model ATD for top mount two directional airflow


Walk In models are designed for refrigerated rooms and warehouses.

  • Specify Model ALV for low air velocity

  • Specify Model ECL for air throw up to 20 ft

  • Specify model AMP for air throw up to 48 ft

  • Specify Model AHP for air throw up to 90 ft


Of course these products can be modified should the design requirement be more demanding. Contact our sales department for further information.

Painted Model LPB.png

Air Defrost Unit Coolers

Painted Medium Profile Unit Cooler Side

Electric Defrost Unit Coolers


Hot Gas Defrost Unit Coolers

Painted Model LPB.png

Glycol Product Coolers

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