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Custom Portfolio

Our standard products offer a wide selection of features and options to satisfy many of the demands of the commercial equipment market.

Certain applications demand more than the standard product offers. Some of these include severe duty, such as in mining, aerospace ground support or telecommunication, others require modification to a standard product (special coil, controls, hardware).  Certain applications require extra corrosion protection, or high temperature operation.

Occasionally an entirely new product is required.  Our engineering staff stands ready and able to respond to these challenges.  

Following are a few examples selected from our portfolio:

Remote Air Cooled Condensor.png

Model DAC - Industrial Duty Air Cooled Condenser

Remote Compressor Unit.jpg

Model RCU - Remote Compressor Unit

Dual Coil Air Cooled Condensing Unit.jpg

Model DCU - Industrial Duty Air Condensing Unit

Custom Air Cooled Condenser Angle 2.jpg

Model CAC with Flooding Controls

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