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Model RCU - Remote Compressor Unit

Multi-Circuit Remote Compressor Unit Custom designed for commercial refrigeration duty with full refrigeration controls and accessories.


  • Multi-circuit

  • Scroll compressors individually piped and tagged for easy identification

  • Factory installed flooding controls for remote condenser

  • Liquid line filter drier and sight-glass

  • Suction line filters

  • Oil separators

  • Hot gas bypass capacity control

  • Satin-coated steel cabinet construction suitable for painting

  • Sound insulated cabinet with removable access panels

  • Electrical Control Panel with:

    • Individual compressor contactors on all loads

    • Current sensors for phase loss protection

    • Individual fuses for all loads

    • Duly fused control circuit transformer

    • NEMA 4X capacity control enclosure

Remote Compressor Unit.jpg
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