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Condensing Units

Cancoil Condensing Units

provide rugged, long lasting solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. Whether the task is cooling a small walk in cooler, refrigerating an entire warehouse or de-humidifying a supermarket,  Cancoil has a condensing unit for the job.

Cancoil condensing units may be matched with Cancoil unit coolers to provide a variety of low, medium and high temperature refrigeration systems. In addition, condensing units may be customized to match with a variety of third party air-handlers and chillers.

  • Specify Model DCU for air-cooled outdoor applications
    thru 12 HP

  • Specify Model ACU for air-cooled outdoor applications
    thru 120 HP

  • Specify Model WCU for indoor water cooled applications
    thru 60 HP

  • Specify Model RCU for remote condenser applications
    thru 60 HP


Of course these products can be modified should the design requirement be more demanding. Contact our sales department for more information.

933 and Condensers.jpg
Model DCU.jpg

Model DCU Air thru 12 HP

Model ACU Air Cooled thru 120 HP

Model WCU Water-Cooled

Model RCU Remote

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