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Model RCU Remote Compressor Unit

CANCOIL Remote Compressor Units remote condensing units are designed for indoor commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They may be matched with Cancoil Model CAC, DAC or BAC air cooled condensers for high, medium and low temperature refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The units may be ordered with semi-hermetic or scroll compressors and are designed with a complete set of features and options necessary to accommodate Cancoil unit coolers or third party chillers or air handlers.

CANCOIL model RCUs are available in sizes 5 to 60 HP for air conditioning, high and medium temperature applications, and 4 to 31 HP for low temperature applications. Model RCU is suitable for use with environmentally friendly refrigerants.  Please contact our sales department for further information.



  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel base mount design, ideal for rack installation

  • Liquid receiver sized for ample pump down capacity, factory mounted and piped with service valves

  • Factory installed and piped liquid line sight glass, filter/drier, and shut off valve

  • Factory installed and piped discharge and suction line vibration isolator

  • Suction accumulator

  • Factory installed and piped suction filter

  • Crankcase heater, factory installed and wired

  • Flooding type head pressure control



  • Heat exchanger suction accumulator

  • Heated and insulated receiver

  • Capacity control by compressor unloading (Semi-Hermetic models)

  • Capacity control by hot gas bypass

  • Adjustable pressure activated fan cycling

  • Anti-short-cycling timer

  • Part winding start

  • Oil separator

  • Factory wired and tested control panel includes:

    • Non-fused main disconnect

    • Compressor fan motor contactor

    • Evaporator fan motor contactor as required

    • Defrost heater contactor as required

    • Hi/Lo pressure control

    • Oil pressure safety control

    • Defrost timer as required

    • Pump down service switch

    • Evaporator fan motor fusing, as required

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