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Fluid Coolers

Cancoil Fluid Coolers are a cost effective alternate to cooling towers. Closed loop systems eliminate dependence on water supply and this reduces operational and maintenance expenses associated with need for continuous water availability.

Since Cancoil Fluid Coolers can be used with glycols, they offer year round operation. This benefits the facility by availing of FREE cooling at low ambient temperatures.

Cancoil Fluid Coolers are used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Commercial HVAC systems

  • Industrial process cooling

  • Windmill power generation

  • Greenhouses

  • Cooling C02 generators

  • Data Centres

Cancoil Fluid Coolers feature large face areas, extra heat transfer surface and generous air flow to ensure highest performance in the most demanding conditions.

Models are available with 1/2" or 5/8" diameter copper tubes. Cancoil offers several choices of fan motor combinations and fan cycling packages.  

Copper headers with either steel MPT, steel victaulic, or sweat connections are available.

  • Series CFC is our line of small vertical air discharge/horizontal coil configuration.  It is for fluid flows from 5 USGPM to 130 USGPM 

  • Series DFC is our largest vertical air discharge/horizontal coil configuration for fluid flows up to 350 USGPM

  • Series VFC is presented in 4 types and is for fluid flows up to 695 USGPM

    • VFC (high speed) - equipped with fan motors of 6 pole, 990 RPM​

    • VFCM (medium speed)- equipped with fan motors of 8 pole, running at 770 RPM

    • VFCL (low speed) - equipped with fan motors of 8 poles, running at 550 RPM

    • VFCE - VFC with EC motors (available in 208-230v/3/60 and 460v/3/60) 

Of course these products can be modified should the design requirement be more demanding. Contact our sales department for further information.

VFC - White - Edited.png

Model VFC

Model CFC Direct Drive

CANCOIL white painted DFC.jpg

Model DFC Direct Drive

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