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Electric Defrost Unit Coolers

Cancoil Electric Defrost Unit Coolers are designed for use in refrigerated spaces where a positive means of frost removal is required. They feature generous amounts of coil surface and airflow to assure that refrigerated air is properly distributed throughout the space.

Reach-In models are designed specifically to maximize the storage available in commercial refrigerators.

  • Specify Model ETR for top mount rear air discharge



Walk In models are designed for refrigerated rooms and warehouses.

  • Specify Model ELV for low air velocity for rooms down to
    28 deg F

  • Specify Model ECLE for air throw up to 36 ft and room temperatures down to -20 deg F

  • Specify model EMP for air throw up to 48 ft and room temperatures down to -20 deg F

  • Specify Model EHP for air throw up to 90 ft and room temperatures down to -20 deg F


Of course these products can be modified should the design requirement be more demanding. Contact our sales department for further information.

Reach-in Unit Coolers

Trim-Rear Discharge - ETR


Walk-in Unit Coolers

ALV4 .jpg

Low Velocity - ELV

Painted Model LPB.png

Low Profile - ECLE

Painted Medium Profile Unit Cooler Side

Medium Profile - EMP


High Profile - EHP

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