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Low Profile-ALP

CANCOIL Model ALP unit coolers are designed to deliver the most heat transfer capacity in the least amount of space, and are often found in restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets. Generous amounts of coil surface and air flow assure the required temperature and humidity conditions are maintained. Applications include walk-in coolers for meat, poultry, dairy products, beverages, produce or any other packaged products requiring temperature above +34ºF.

Model ALP is suitable for use with volatile refrigerants, but can also be circuited for water or glycol. Please contact our sales department for further information.


Painted Model LPB.png


  • Truly low profile - only 15 inches high

  • Long-life stucco textured aluminum cabinet; stainless steel cabinets available

  • Full collared, continuous plate type aluminum fin/copper tube coils provide efficient heat transfer surface

  • Fin spacing is 7 FPI; optional FPI available

  • Stainless steel fasteners

  • 12 inch diameter fans provide up to 20 ft air throw

  • Draw-thru design for uniform air flow through coil

  • Thermally protected fan motors

  • Efficient PSC and ECM motors available

  • Fan motors located within unit cabinet

  • Moisture tight wiring harness with quick connect motor plugs

  • All units use interchangeable fan motors, blades and guards

  • Single electrical connection for all motors

  • Space inside unit cabinet for expansion valve mounting

  • All units designed for use with externally equalized TXV or electronic expansion valve

  • Standard models are UL and NSF listed and CSA certified

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