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Trim-Rear Discharge - ATR

CANCOIL Model ATR is designed to mount in the top of a refrigerator and allow access to the entire top shelf area. The attractive low silhouette makes the TRIM-REAR DISCHARGE particularly desirable for display type refrigerators. It can also be used in back bars, undercounter cabinets or wherever space is at a premium.

The drain fitting is located to allow piping to be routed through back or bottom of refrigerator. Room for the expansion valve is provided inside the cabinet. Compact! Does a big job in little space.

Model ATR is suitable for use with environmentally friendly refrigerants. Please contact our sales department for further information.




  • Truly trim profile, only 6 ½ inches high

  • Attractive gained aluminum cabinet - long lasting and light weight

  • Corrosion-resistant fans and fan guards

  • Rear discharge prevents display door from sweating

  • Drain line can be routed through back or bottom of refrigerator

  • Room for expansion valve inside the cabinet

  • Units are designed for internally equalized TXV or electronic expansion valve

  • Piping and wiring connection points provided in rear for easy access

  • Corrosion-resistant hardware to prevent discoloration

  • Full collared, continuous plate type aluminum fin/copper tube coils provide efficient heat transfer surface

  • Generous heat transfer surface to provide proper compressor balance

  • Motor life lubricated and inherently protected

  • Standard models are UL and NSF listed and CSA certified

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