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Trim-Dual Discharge - ATD

CANCOIL Model ATD is designed with bi-directional air flow to eliminate stagnant air spots in the refrigerator. Its low height and narrow depth make it ideal for undercounter refrigerators, back bars, bottle coolers, display cases and any other application where top space is limited.

The Model ATD has been designed for use with an internally equalized thermal expansion valve which may be located inside the cabinet, out of view. Condensation from the valve drips into the drain pan and out through the drain line. Access holes are provided in back of the unit for easy piping and wiring connections. Please contact our sales department for further information.




  • Bi-directional air flow

  • Light-grained aluminum cabinet for increased durability, light weight and attractive appearance

  • Sloped drain pan for sure drainage

  • Aluminum fin/copper tube coils mounted in tandem within cabinet

  • Life lubricated, inherently protected motors

  • Expansion valve mounts inside cabinet and out of view

  • Unit designed for use with internally equalized TXV or electronic expansion valve

  • Corrosion-resistant hardware to prevent discoloration

  • Standard models are UL and NSF listed and CSA certified

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