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Medium Profile - AMP

CANCOIL Model AMP is designed for use in refrigerated rooms maintained at temperatures of +34ºF and above. These units are ideally suited for larger walk-in coolers, and are frequently found in supermarkets and warehouses. Generous coil surface is a design feature common to all AMP unit coolers. Air intake is through the coil face and discharge at the fans. The units may be secured to ceiling or suspended from rod hangers. Direct drive propeller fans driven by energy efficient ½ HP motors are statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation.

Model AMP is suitable for use with volatile refrigerants, but can also be circuited for water or glycol. Please contact our sales department for further information.


Painted Medium Profile Unit Cooler Side


  • Sturdy textured aluminum cabinet for appearance and durability; stainless steel cabinets available

  • Corrosion-resistant hardware to prevent discoloration

  • Full collar, continuous plate type aluminum fin/copper tube coils provide efficient heat transfer surface

  • Fin spacing is 6 FPI; optional spacing available

  • 20 inch diameter fans provide up to 48 ft air throw

  • Totally enclosed, thermally protected, energy efficient ½ HP fan motors

  • All units use interchangeable fan motors, blades and guards

  • Space inside unit cabinet for expansion valve mounting

  • Suction line pressure tap provided for convenience in setting expansion valve

  • Standard models are UL listed and CSA certified

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