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Model GLP/RLP Low Profile

CANCOIL Model GLP/RLP unit coolers are designed to deliver maximum heat transfer capacity within a limited amount of space. Generous amounts of coil surface and air flow assure the required temperature and humidity conditions are maintained. Units are designed for efficient operation between ‑20ºF and +35ºF room temperature. Units designed for applications below -20ºF are also available.

Factory piping of defrost components minimizes field installation costs. Units available for use with reverse cycle or three pipe system:

  • Specify Model RLP for reverse cycle systems

  • Specify Model GLP for three-pipe systems


Model GLP/RLP is suitable for use with environmentally friendly refrigerants.  Please contact our sales department for further information.


Painted Model LPB.png


  • Truly low profile, only 15 inches high

  • Long life stucco textured aluminum cabinet;
    stainless steel cabinets available

  • Full collar, continuous plate type aluminum fin/copper tube coils provide efficient heat transfer surface

  • Corrosion-resistant hardware to prevent discoloration

  • Fin spacing is 6 FPI; optional FPI available

  • 12 inch diameter fans provide up to 20 ft air throw

  • Hot gas loop in drain pan provides positive drainage without danger of drain pan freeze-up, while allowing removal of drain pan for ease of cleaning.

  • Factory set defrost termination and adjustable fan delay thermostat

  • Space inside unit cabinet for expansion valve mounting

  • All units designed for use with externally equalized TXV or electronic expansion valve

  • Moisture-tight wiring harness with quick connect motor plugs

  • Single electrical connection for all motors

  • Thermally protected fan motors

  • Efficient PSC and ECM motors available

  • Fan motor located within cabinet

  • All units use interchangeable fan motors, blades and guards

  • Standard models are UL and NSF listed and CSA certified

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