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Model GHP/RHP High Profile

CANCOIL Model GHP/RHP is a heavy-duty commercial and industrial evaporator for applications between -20ºF and +35ºF. This unit has been designed for use in large warehouses.  30" diameter fans powered by efficient 2 HP motors provide generous airflow and are ideally suited for blast freezing or high ceiling rooms where long air-throw is important. Generous amounts of coil surface assure that refrigeration space temperature is maintained.


Factory piping of defrost components minimizes field installation costs. Units available for use with reverse cycle or three pipe system:

  • Specify Model RHP for reverse cycle systems

  • Specify Model GHP for three-pipe systems


Units designed for applications below -20ºF room temperature are also available. Model GHP/RHP is suitable for use with environmentally friendly refrigerants.  Please contact our sales department for further information.




  • Sturdy 16-gauge galvanized steel cabinet for durability;
    stainless steel cabinet available

  • Fan guards PVC coated for appearance and long life

  • Full collar, continuous plate type aluminum fin/copper tube coils provide efficient heat transfer surface

  • Fin Spacing is 6 FPI; Optional FPI available

  • 30 inch diameter fans provide up to 90 ft air throw

  • Hot gas loop in drain pan provides positive drainage during defrost

  • Factory provided by-pass components

  • Factory provided defrost termination and fan delay thermostats

  • Moisture-tight electrical cords with each motor lead terminating in the electrical compartment

  • All units use interchangeable fan motors, blades, guards and motor brackets

  • Totally enclosed, thermally protected, energy efficient 2 HP fan motors

  • Single electrical connection for all motors

  • Units are designed for use with externally equalized TXV or electronic expansion valve

  • Access valve provided in suction header for expansion valve setting

  • Standard models are UL listed and CSA certified

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